Effective leaders are at the core of creating and managing a world-class global mobility program. These leaders set high standards for themselves, for their team members and for the function as a whole. In a previous post, entitled "Elevating mobility: Advice for global mobility leaders who want to reach a new level", we explained that the best global mobility managers:

  • create a shared vision
  • improve their communication skills
  • conduct regular status updates
  • learn how to better motivate their team members
  • delegate effectively

But in order to accomplish each of the points above, managers must tap into the art of influencing. Influence has been described as the capacity "to have an impact on the behaviors, attitudes, opinions and choices of others."  According to Ken Blanchard, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority,”. As mobility leaders manage their teams, partners, and internal stakeholders, those that can skillfully use their influence are better at promoting employee development, accelerating results and creating a more productive work environment. 

So what exactly is it that allows us to exert our influence and use it to better manage our mobility function? Influence derives much of its success to the building and maintenance of strong relationships. As the backbone of influencing, relationships are made stronger when we engage and build connection with others, practice accountability, show enthusiasm, display empathy, show confidence, promote the good ideas of others, express gratitude, provide constructive criticism, educate and mentor, ask challenging questions, communicate well, be transparent and honest, and ultimately provide leadership that people trust. Are these things you have mastered and consistently use as you manage your global mobility function? 

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