Not too long ago, we posted that the global talent movement is about to kick in! The need to save costs and get needed high level talent, not to mention the fact that people can work from nearly anywhere today, is requiring companies to explore talent markets that they may have never tapped up to this point. Regardless of where the company is located, companies are actively competing to become the place where people want to work. 

One of the tools that can be leveraged is the latest Total Workforce Index report from ManpowerGroup. It's an analysis of the world’s top talent markets, based on over 200 factors related to cost, regulations, workforce availability, and workforce productivity. In the latest report, the U.S., Singapore, and Canada were again the top three countries in the rankings. Ireland, Mexico, Australia, and the Philippines were four of the fastest-rising countries. The Philippines and Mexico made the most substantial gains this year; the former moved from 54th to eighth, while the latter went from 53rd to ninth. 

Obviously, the pandemic has had a big impact, and when you consider the 200 factors that are in the analysis, so much has been impacted by the changing regulatory environment. "Remote readiness" is anticipated to be of much more importance going forward and was scored based on factors like electricity and internet access, households with personal computers, and server density data. But like many mobility programs have seen, when it comes to remote workforces, you also have to consider extended business travel, short-term assignments, virtual assignments, rotational assignments and even permanent transfers in some cases.

As mobility programs move into 2023, what new talent markets are being anticipated? Gain that insight from your internal partners and share that with your mobility partners to allow them to share valuable resources and prepare to provide the highest level support to your employees and teams.