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Survey: 2023 Intern Policy and Program

Today’s interns are tomorrow’s employees! With talent attraction so high on the agenda for companies right now, intern programming has become even more critical. Last year, we learned that 64% of mobility managers were involved in planning and coordinating at least some aspects of intern programs for their companies. Having global mobility support interns has become more common as organizations push to establish the right set of intern benefits, provide key housing resources, pay internship allowances, and coordinate travel to and local transportation near intern hubs. 

Put simply - mobility teams are increasingly responsible for helping to create and manage programs that will deliver a high quality intern experience!

At the start of the summer intern season, we posted that "Intern programs are looking at a record year!" and explained that companies really prioritizing intern programs because interns are more important today than at any point in history. Reasons for this include:

  • Addressing skills gaps within organizations
  • Developing a diverse talent pipeline for future growth 
  • Fostering innovation and creativity
  • Creating a more positive employer brand
  • Contributing to social responsibility

With summer coming to a close, summer internships are also winding down. In an effort to provide helpful and informative data, Plus is running a “2023 U.S. Domestic Intern Survey on Mobility Policy and Program Benefits”. This survey will focus on 5 major components, getting insights from mobility leaders all around the world:

  1. How the intern experience has been structured;
  2. Global mobility's involvement with and within intern programs;
  3. The types of benefits and allowances being offered to interns when relocation is and isn’t needed;
  4. Various intern program challenges from a mobility team perspective; 
  5. How companies are thinking about the future of U.S. domestic intern programming, particularly from a structure and benefits perspective

Details shared in the survey will not be connected back to your company and are considered confidential. All participants will receive a copy of the final data. 

The survey will be live from Tuesday, September 5th through Tuesday, October 31st.  We'd love for you to participate and share your thoughts - Just click the image!



As employees across the country return to in-office work, thousands of college students and young professionals are starting summer internships. In my last column, I shared five tips to help interns maximize their summer experience. Now, it’s time to flip the script. A good internship program isn’t a zero-sum game, it’s an equal value exchange where both the employers and interns win. Here are five tips to help companies improve their internship programs and get the most out of their summer interns.


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