There are several things creating a more difficult recruiting environment.  Per this SHRMreport , here are a few of those challenges:

  • there are a lower number of applicants
  • there is a lack of needed work experience among candidates
  • there is greater competition among employers
  • candidates lack the technical skills needed
  • the local market is not producing enough qualified candidates

In their executive summary, SHRM stated that 68% of HR professionals are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates for full-time positions in their organizations.

In a recent post by our own Joe Benevides ("Global job outlook improving"), he stated that companies looking to attract new talent, especially in APAC, should expect fierce competition for the most sought-after skills. 

The graph below highlights those countries that are facing the greatest skills shortages.  Obviously one solution to addressing skills shortages is getting quality talent solutions in the right place at the right time.  Most companies will have to look internally at existing talent and leverage relocation and assignments to meet their business needs and objectives. 

If you are an employer with operations in any of these countries facing the greatest skills shortages, it may be a good time to revisit the policies and programs that are at your disposal for attracting talent to those locations. 

Unique challenges will require unique solutions!