In this article, Chris Debner lays out the eight building blocks of a sound talent mobility strategy. He explains that developing and establishing a program's talent mobility strategy must be bespoke for every company. Let's look at those eight building blocks that need to be evaluated and aligned with each other during the development of a sound talent mobility strategy:

  1. business objectives 
  2. stakeholders
  3. assignment types
  4. talent management
  5. competence and capacity
  6. competitiveness
  7. market trends and challenges
  8. culture

Our Consulting Services team would agree that a strategy starts with being driven by business objectives and ends by being aligned by the company's culture. Those two things are like the guardrails on your strategic mobility highway because they tend to keep everything else at play on the road to success.

In considering more about your program and policy and where you need or want it to go, try reviewing some of these resources

Maybe even take a stab at defining what a world-class program would look like.