As COVID-19 peaks across states in the U.S., peak moving season this year is looking "peaked" as compared to this time last year.  But over the past few months, people have still relocated. Most services related to moving have been viewed as essential, and those service providers supporting them have done their best to adjust and provide support in the "new normal" environment.

This article in the Washington Post touches on what that experience has been like for people relocating and shares a few stories. 

We will be coming out with a survey report shortly to share insights into what the experience has been like as people have taken on the relocation or assignment process in the midst of this unique and challenging moment in time. The report will help mobility programs and service providers to better understand how the mobility journey has been impacted, and will allow programs and providers to solve for some of the new challenges that mobile talent is confronted with while moving during a a pandemic. 

One interviewee shared that, "It definitely made things a little more anxiety producing in not knowing what was allowed, would my move be postponed, is moving essential. Ultimately, it didn't affect anything long term." So, while the pandemic is not making things any easier for many people, the majority are managing the process and have no regrets about relocating. There are even those who have found that they have benefited in the home sale process because they had fewer homes in the market to sell against and they sold quickly and above list price.

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In the meantime, check out these tips from relocating employees about making the most out of challenging moves. Whether your mobility team is supporting an employee moving a few hours away or an expat midway through an assignment, these tips can make everyone feel safe and connected!