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| 1 minute read

Rock stars and mobility mic drops

What makes for an interesting and valuable conference session? An interesting set of pertinent topics with an engaging and knowledgeable set of expert panelists! All that is left is for you to register for the 2021 Bay Area Mobility Management Conference, which is happening March 30 through April 1 (and that is no joke). 

All of the sessions are sure to bring value, but Mobility Mic Drop (March 31 at 4 p.m. PDT) is loaded with insights to help you think about where mobility is heading so that you can build a global mobility program that is "future ready." The stars? Oh, here's the list:

This panel will share trends and implications, along with their insights, predictions and advice for ensuring your mobility program is more than “future-ready;” moving your ideas to become part of the HR movement. These experts represent more than 500 corporate mobility programs that are addressing a wide range of challenges. More specifically, they will discuss: 

  • Perspectives for building a future-ready program 
  • Implications of an increasingly distributed workforce
  • Challenges of trying to do more with less 
  • Important policy and program challenges including DE&I, disruptive technology and flexible program design 
  • Other pandemic learnings and solutions that will help you thrive in this new movement.

You have to do something healthy right before the BAMM Happy Hour, so sign up, log in and hear what the future holds!

Just like the session title suggests, this is quite possibly mobility’s finest hour — our mic drop moment. We have worked tirelessly to make mobility matter and with Human Capital being more critical to business success, let’s jump on that movement! This session will explore the factors mobility leaders face as they strategically prepare themselves and their teams to be a part of the movement.


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