There are a lot of ways employers can support their employees’ wellbeing — good pay and benefits, meaningful work, opportunities for advancement and growth, and a healthy work-life balance all come to mind, and there are plenty of other things you could add to this list.

If you wanted to boil these items down to a single idea, you could say that employees want to feel valued or “worthy.” In fact, research from Deloitte finds that it matters to nearly 90 percent of workers to feel worthy in the workplace.

However, about half of all employees struggle to feel worthy at work. Deloitte Chief Experience Officer Amelia Dunlop calls this disconnect the “Worthiness Gap.” Is there anything employers can do to help make their employees feel more worthy?

As I’ve noted before, I think a key first step is having empathy and trying to understand the critical transitions an employee might be going through in their life. This is particularly important when looking at relocating employees because of all the upheaval and stress moving can bring.

From a more logistical standpoint, supporting these relocating employees with the right benefit options can go a long way. Every person — and every move — is a little bit different, and mobility programs that celebrate these differences and offer a wide array of choices are more likely to meet employees wherever they are in their journeys.

I firmly believe that our Point C platform offers the choice, control and care employees need to feel empowered in their moves. We’d love to show you more during a live demo on Nov. 16 at 11 a.m. CT. During the session, we’ll look at the key features within the platform, share some stellar results from mobility teams that transformed their approach to mobility, and review the extensive research that went into creating Point C.

There’s no silver bullet that can solve the “Worthiness Gap.” But organizations that take tangible steps toward showing how much they value their employees are more likely to have happy — and productive — workforces. And that’s totally worth it.