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Leadership in our Global Mobility industry

For the 22+ years I have been here at Plus Relocation Services, I have witnessed numerous industry leaders come and go, emerge and disappear, and move from place to place, and have even seen some leave the industry ultimately, and some re-emerge. But I have also had the opportunity to watch leaders develop and evolve over that same period of time too. There have been some very "trying" times along the way, but as we move through year three of the pandemic, and continue to navigate numerous challenges to business and our personal lives, this is an insanely unique environment in which to be a leader. 

In this "Leadership With Heart" podcast, Heather Younger explores leadership in today's world with Plus's very own CEO, Susan Benevides. Much of the discussion resonates with those of us that have been working with Susan at Plus over the years, our heads nodding as we listen to her expound on her leadership style, speak to leading the company through tough times, and the priority she places in taking care of Plusites. I have known Susan a long time and have always felt like I have continued to learn from her during her leadership journey. Self-described, she is open, transparent, vulnerable and real. She has been grounded in a legacy of care in a family business and has benefited  by staying true to our vision, mission and values and taking car of our employees. Her passion for the company and the industry is evident in this great conversation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Susan grew up in a family business where she learned from an early age many of her principles
  • She has been with the company for over 30 years
  • Susan has worked in almost every department of the company and understands how each department works
  • She believes in being vulnerable and transparent with her employees
  • Susan believes companies should start with their people and everything else will follow
  • Her company has profit sharing for the entire company because they know it takes a whole team for the company to be successful

Obviously Susan is well known and well loved in this industry. She presents at conferences and industry events. But here, in this podcast, you can catch up on how she has been leading through social disruption, the Covid-19 pandemic, global supply chain issues, and now the economic challenges we are facing. She speaks about the value of listening to employees, about ensuring that they feel compassion, trust, stability and hope. She speaks on the value of innovation and the importance of asking good questions. Her ongoing curiosity and openness to learning and evolving will serve her and Plus well in the years to come.

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Susan Benevides is the CEO of Plus Relocation Services, where she has worked for over 30 years. She’s worked at just about every department within the company and has been running it since 2005. She was also the 2011-2012 chairman of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, which provided her with a wealth of knowledge to bring to their clients in order to best serve their global mobility programs and goals. She’s definitely a Leader with Heart. Take a listen.


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