With a title like that, you might be expecting some crazy generalization or kooky weird claim, but this one is data based!  Employment Conditions Abroad International, aka ECA International, has updated their Location Ratings, which objectively evaluate cities around the world to form an assessment of the overall quality of living for expats in over 500 locations globally. The ranking is based on a variety of livability factors including availability of health services, housing and utilities, isolation, access to a social network, and recreational and leisure facilities. It also takes into account infrastructure, climate, personal safety, socio-political tensions, and even air quality. The 2022 Location Rating research and analysis took place between November 2021 and November 2022, with all scoring accurate at the time of publication, in terms of pandemic-related restrictions, on November 16th. 

The system recognizes that where an employee is coming from and moving to to can affect the level of adaptation required. ECA’s Location Ranking data helps businesses ascertain appropriate allowances to compensate employees for the adjustment required when going on international assignments, taking into account both the home and host locations of the expatriate. Check out the top locations, according to European expats:

ECA International summarizes this latest report:

  • Bern, Switzerland lands first place position for quality of life, after Copenhagen’s three-year reign at the top
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands enters top 10 most livable cities in the world for European expats for the first time, overtaking Dublin (11th)
  • Scottish cities are among the most attractive in the UK as Edinburgh ranks 17th and Aberdeen ranks 21st
  • Canada is back on destination ‘hit list’, outperforming London, Barcelona, and Berlin
  • All 15 previously-ranked Chinese cities plummeted due to Zero-Covid restrictions throughout 2022

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