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Does your mobility program have "rizz"?

From the NYTimes, the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year is “rizz” — a Gen Z slang term derived from “charisma.” While the word has been around a little while, it emerged out of internet gaming culture, according to Oxford, and was popularized in 2022 by the YouTube and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, who posted “rizz tips” videos online. Merriam-Webster made it a real word this past September. The word describes someone with personal style, charm, or attractiveness.

Without a doubt, my kids will tell me I have none, and I would never argue the case otherwise. That would be “clown”! (?) But here's hoping I completely use the word of the year in completely the wrong way just to annoy my kids…by asking you: 

“Does your global mobility program have rizz?

If you are wondering what we are even asking, we are wondering what you have done recently to elevate your mobility program's game? Have you done something in 2023 that has added charisma to your relocation program? What exactly is making your program and policies more attractive to candidates and employees? Does your mobility program make your company more attractive than your biggest competitors? In 2023, did you do something hugely transformational or just “zhuzh” up things a bit?

If you did something to improve the employee experience, then you can probably answer in the affirmative that you did something to add rizz to your program. While compliance and efficiencies are sexy cost-savers, and maybe help to avoid creating bad experiences, new technologies and benefit options are definitely where many are looking to improve the attractiveness of their programs. Allowing employees to select benefits that matter and meet their needs, that adds rizz. Cool and unique benefits, increased choice, and giving relocating employees more control over their moves can also lead to the always alluring and much appreciated outcome of eliminating exceptions. With that, now stakeholders feel the rizz too. Eliminating exceptions is bussin'! 

Even if you are not seeking to make your mobility program the GOAT, you can make it better while investing the same or less from a cost perspective.  If you are looking for some ideas to add rizz to your mobility program, talk to us and try these:

Could your mobility program help you retain Gen Z employees?

What is the right approach to policy for your mobility program?

Are your mobility policies hitting the mark?


It’s official. Oxford University Press, the world’s second-oldest academic press and the publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, has rizz. Or at least, like the rest of us over a certain age, it’s trying to get some. “Rizz” — Gen Z (or is it Gen Alpha?) slang for “style, charm or attractiveness,” or “the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner” — has been named as Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year, beating out contenders like situationship, prompt, de-influencing and (yes) Swiftie.


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