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Where's your mobility program going in 2024?

Some people like to read about trends and see value in understanding and monitoring what other mobility programs are dealing with while others feel it distracts what their primary focus should be which is solving the issues presenting to them within their own mobility program. 

Given the emergence and interest in AI tools, I posed the question to Poe to explain why someone would want to understand the trends within talent mobility for the next year and here is what I got:

Understanding the trends within talent mobility for the next year is crucial for individuals and organizations alike. In a rapidly changing global landscape, staying abreast of talent mobility trends provides valuable insights that can inform strategic decisions and enhance competitive advantage. By understanding the direction in which talent is moving, individuals can position themselves strategically to capitalize on emerging opportunities and make informed career choices. For organizations, comprehending talent mobility trends enables them to anticipate shifts in the labor market, adapt their recruitment and retention strategies, and proactively address skill gaps. It also helps organizations to attract and retain top talent by offering appealing mobility programs and adjusting policies to align with the evolving needs and preferences of employees. Overall, understanding talent mobility trends empowers individuals and organizations to navigate the dynamic landscape of the global workforce effectively.

Where is 2024 going to take the mobility world? Well, we're trying to find that out for ourselves, alongside mobility leaders like you. Every year, Plus collects insights from mobility experts like you and publishes the data in our annual survey of mobility trends. We want your thoughts and expertise, and you’ll get visibility into what other mobility programs are focusing on. Plus’s 2024 Global Mobility Trends Survey is now live! 

Here are our survey goals this year:

  • See what initiatives mobility leaders have focused on and found success with over the past year
  • Understand the top challenges talent and mobility experts are preparing for in 2024
  • Look at priorities and areas of focus for mobility programs, including remote work requests, duty of care, DEI&B, and sustainability
  • Predict what types of moves and assignments are going to be important for achieving 2024 talent goals
  • See how programs are managing, benchmarking, and innovating their policies and practices
  • Hear success stories from mobility leaders across the business world and the globe
  • Provide unique, unbiased, objective information that mobility programs can consider and hopefully utilize to enhance their own programs.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

The global mobility industry has faced significant challenges throughout 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, we can expect the landscape to change in a number of significant ways as a result of emerging trends and shifting workplace expectations. As companies navigate the future of global mobility, key strategic considerations and steps are being identified to balance employee well-being and organisational success. From the value of hiring expat talent to the impact of remote and hybrid working on global mobility, the year ahead presents a dynamic and transformative environment for the industry.


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