The opportunity to work abroad offers many benefits. Even if the position is a lateral move or the same role but in a new location, you have the opportunity to establish yourself in a new market and increase your business network, not to mention gain professional experiences and open up your personal world. In this global economy, someone who is savvy in different business cultures will be an asset to any company.

According to the PwC NextGen Study, nearly 40% of the millennials reading this would like at some point in their careers to work overseas, versus 28% of people from different generations. This article advises to articulate the desire to relocate early and explains how to broach the subject with managers.  

My biggest take-away:

"Leverage your interests but also your talents,” says Eliza Scherrer, U.S. global mobility strategy leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She advises to always bring it back to the added-value for the company. “If you can tie it back to the business drivers, it makes the discussion so much easier.”

Companies that have designed relocation programs for "hand-raisers" and that have created mobility programs for employee development are poised to attract and retain the top millennial talent.